What dase OPPADAK means?
“O-ppa-dak” is the short variation of “Oven eh Bbajeen” Chicken (오븐에 빠진 닭)means Chicken that Fell in The Oven 『掉入烤箱的雞』. In a more interesting & sweet understanding, “Oppa” means honey / darling in Korea. Younger sister in Korea always called their elder brother “Oppa”. Thus, “Oppa-dak” unofficially is also understanding as Big Brother Chicken 『歐巴雞』^^.
What is preferability of Oppadak oven baked chicken compare with others?
OPPADAK chicken are using only chilled, antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken meat and it contains less trans-fat, carbohydrates, sodium and calories since it does not use a single drop of oil during its cooking process. This will be healthier to the consumer
Do you have delivery service?
Yes, you can order from Grab or click the below button to order.

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Why I need to wait for food?
All orders are prepared fresh and the process baked by oven takes between 15 to 20 minutes on average and it can be longer during peak hours. Every item on our menu is made with care and attention for the enjoyment of our customers.
Are you HALAL?
100% of our Chickens are sourced from Jakim certified supplier and our ingredients are strictly NO PORK NO LARD policy in our kitchen & restaurant.